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Rio Americano High School Physics: Dean Baird's Phyz Home Page
Greetings! Welcome to my physics education web site. Among the selections above you will find links that are of value if you are a student in my class, a parent of a student in my class, a physics teacher, or someone with nothing better to do at the moment. The web site includes material on high school physics (outlines, policies, unit schedules, curriculum materials, demonstrations, and labs), physics education resources, gender equity, science standards, and many related issues. Enjoy!

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Sorry if this website looks like shameless self-promotion. I am not without an ego (OK, I've got a ginormous, insatiable ego). But I did try to make this a content-rich resource for students, parents, and other physics teachers. Anyway, I'm proud of my students' accomplishments, I'm proud of my accomplishments, and I dig the web. Besides, I'm male; I can go on about myself forever while pretending someone out there actually cares!

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